Zakk Wylde is safe!

Both Zakk Wylde and his epic beard are safe. He has a restraining order against his number one fan.

Yes, Zakk was stalked by his neighbor, a lovable bipolar dude who broke into his home studio and also left a ‘sacrifice’ for him (a guitar). You can read more info by clicking the link above, which takes you to the original story we wrote on this, all via the magic of the interwebz.

You’d think Zakk would be comfortable around these crazy dudes, having worked with Ozzy and all. But if he got scared by this guy, I can only imagine what a lunatic he was. TMZ writes:

Radich — who Wylde described as “mentally ill” — was ordered to stay at least 50 yards away from Zakk and his family for the next three years.

Read full article here.

Wow, just three years? This guy will have just enough time to prepare a new sacrifice and cook up a new plan. Great job, authorities.

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