Marilyn Manson and The Beef made a video

Marilyn Manson

I just read this article on MetalSucks, and while I usually stay away from cross posting things of theirs because they already reek with sarcasm and insults, I just had to mention this here because I somehow completely missed this: Marilyn Manson is making a “making of” documentary about his new album, the director of which is none other than Shia “The Beef” LeBeouf. It’s called Born Villain, it’s apparently already been made, and it also covers the LA street art scene. Hahaha. I mean seriously, what the hell. Read the original article (linked at the beginning of the post, too lazy to do it again) for some quality MetalSucks commentary, I’m too busy laughing myself.

What they didn’t cover however, is that there is already a music video/short film out for the appropriately titled-song, Born Villain. That’s what you have Dose of Metal and me for, for accidentally finding additional shit and making this post more legit. I actually couldn’t make it to the end of the video. It’s so shocking. Shockingly bad. I mean, it’s the typical pseudo-artistic crap you’d expect a directorial debut would be (and not half as fun as the Ace4Trays video we covered yesterday), and saying the song is forgettable would be a compliment, it’s remarkable just how lame it is. See it after the jump.

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