Daily Dose Of Metal: Rammstein

I usually don’t pay much attention to my dreams, but last night I had a weird one – it included Rammstein. I don’t remember much, but the image of Till is still strong in my head.

What does it mean? Am I trying to cope with some thoughts about large husky men on a subconsious level? Or is my subconcious telling me to buy tickets for the show? I hope it’s the second one, because I woke up with a boner.

Either way, a good thing came out of it, today’s Daily Dose. I picked one of my favorites from Reise, Reise, simply because I can actually understand around 90% of Dalai Lama without the need of lyrics and those awful online translators. And well, the song is fucking grooving, just tell me that “Hörst du denn den Donner nicht?” and the part that follows doesn’t make you want to jump outside of the nearest window.

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