Cliff in peace, Cliff ’em all

Our readers love us:

Just wanted to tell you guys, yesterday was 25th anniversary of Cliff Burton’s death and it’s sad to see that you haven’t even mentioned it in any of your posts !! Just writing a blog on metal won’t make you a true metal head.. and it won’t save your ass from being a complete fucking poser.. \m/

-Death 666

Dear Mr. 666, Cliff Burton passed away on September 27. It is still September 27 here, so why didn’t you wait at least one more day until every country in the world hits the 28th, then email us?

Anyway, Cliff Burton was amazing, and I’m really curious what 90s Metallica would have been like with him still in the band.

Whether or not they would have made the Load albums with Cliff still involved is anyone’s guess. But here’s a fact: While he was in Metallica, he kicked ass, and to prove my point, the video above is from ’85. A full year before I was born.

Rest in peace.

P.S. = Hopefully we’re ‘true metalheads’ now. Wink wink.

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