TesseracT officially announce new singer, bass player comments

TesseracT 2011

The rumors are true: TesseracT have parted ways with their singer Dan Tompkins, and recruited Elliot Coleman instead (pictured above with the rest of the band). I’ll be honest, I thought the whole thing might have been just temporary, because at one point, rumors were going on that Dan was leaving to join a pop band. Apparently, he is gone fo’ shaw, and personally, I’m not really sure what to think. Dan’s voice was (despite my earlier jokes) kinda unique (at least compared to the average djent vocalist), and I’m not sure how I feel about the new guy, but let’s not judge things based on a shitty iPhone clip we saw yesterday.

You can read the official announcement here, and Metal Sucks has conducted an interview with band’s bass player, Amos Williams, which I recommend reading (btw, just how fucked up does the new guy look on that photo they posted?). Oh, and if you make the jump, you can listen to a song with their now former singer, Dan Tompkins.

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