SpongeBob CoreyPants

Hipster Corey let us in on one of his next amazing and totally metal career moves — making a children’s music album, which he demonstrated by performing the theme song to SpongeBob SquarePants at a recent show. Rad. The album will also be known as Stone Sour‘s Number Four, though rumors are circulating that he might claim the Slipknot name as well, and that the children in the video are the new line-up.

Kidding aside, he performed it during a benefit show for Aaron Lewis’ “It Takes A Comunity” charity, plus if you’ve ever been forced to sit through a day with a small kid watching cartoons, you’ll know SpongeBob is pretty awesome, so it’s all cool. Except for the hat and glasses combo, and the awkward feeling of realizing this guy used to scream how he wants to slit someone’s throat and fuck the wound, and now looks like he’s one candy away from looking like a pedophile victim.

More videos, including Corey and Aaron performing Queen classic We Will Rock You, can be found here.

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