Lady Gaga and Brian May share the same stage

I.N.S.E.R.T. something that rhymes with… rage!

It hurts me to post this, but it somehow made the rock news — the queen of the land of manufactured shock antics, Lady Gaga, performed at last night’s MTV VMA’s, and Brian May of Queen joined her on stage for a guitar solo.

More importantly, though, she performed the song in her male alter ego, “Jo Colderone.” Now, I always thought she’d look normal dressed as a guy because she looks horrible in her woman outfit. Yet, this looked just as fucking weird. Plus, she tried way too hard to be funny and crack jokes about herself. Just lame.

Anyway, if you watched the VMA’s, please shoot yourself, but before that let me know if Britney Spears still scores anything at those things. #teambritney

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