Five Finger Death Punch are not ashamed

But they should be. Mainly of their music, but also of their name.

The new Five Finger Death Punch album, American Capitalist, apparently has a controversial title. I don’t think it is, do you? Maybe ‘American Communist’ or ‘American Nazi’ would be controversial, but what’s wrong with that one? Just because the U.S. is in debt? Please…

So Jason Hook — the guitarist, in case, like me, you don’t know who the fuck he is — had this to say in an interview:

You know, it’s kind of like dog eat dog, it’s the survival of the fittest, and we’re sort of putting it out there as a positive thing. It’s like, we are American capitalists, we will divide and conquer, we will — we’re going for the throat and we’re not ashamed to say that.


I’d be more ashamed of that quote right there than of any album title.

[Source: The Pulse Of Radio/Blabbermouth]

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