Dave Mustaine’s favorite Metallica song is…

… Who cares?

But if you do care, check this out:

I had to do a lot of coming to terms with myself in order to listen to Metallica. Before, whenever I heard them, it triggered me in my mind to get up on my soapbox and spit out complaints of what had happened to me. And then once I finally realized, ‘Dave, you’re lucky, you’re blessed, you’re in a great band, you’re in another great band.’ I finally just said, ‘You’re missing it.’

And I remember hearing this song when I was talking to Lars once and telling him this is my favorite song off the ‘Black Record.’ And he goes, ‘Really? Fuck, man.’ It was ‘The Unforgiven’. I liked it because I thought this was really the first time I’ve ever really heard James sing. He had sung before, and he was a great singer. But that was the first time I ever heard him really, really sing.

Read full article here.

Actually, Dave did talk about liking Unforgiven a lot, there’s an old interview of him where he’s imitating Lars and you can watch it right here.  Even though I also remembered the video, I have to credit Blabbermouth user IMNoMoreLies for also mentioning it and providing the link, that way I didn’t have to go look for it.

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