Video of the Week: Hate Eternal

This week’s Video of the Week is the new music video for Hate Eternal’s ‘Lake Ablaze,’ off their new album Phoenix Amongst The Ashes.

You know, I would like to get into detail what this video is all about but I can’t view it because YouTube is being a bitch in my country and doesn’t let me view videos by SME artists. In fact, YouTube isn’t the bitch in this case, the GEMA is but this is not the time, nor the place, to talk about this.

If I didn’t get to watch the video, why did it make Video of the Week, you might ask. Well, simply because the song kicks massive amounts of ass.

There you have it. Now, if you’re not living in a country that forbids you to watch certain metal videos, enjoy the video above. I’m sure it’s well worth it. We’re talking about Hate Eternal afterall.

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