Tuesday Trivia: Of parodies and weed

Cannabis Corpse


There is something about parodies that doesn’t always sit right with me. But that’s probably because I grew up watching things like Scary Movie (which was even tolerable) inspire a generation of idiotic excuses for 70 minutes of “entertainment.” Since everything I ever wrote on this website is a weak rehash of someone else’s jokes, I’ll just tell you to check out Maddox’s amazing video on the subject, so we can turn to the more important things. Things like metal.

Parodies are nothing new in the world of metal. Spinal Tap is probably more famous than half the bands you listen to anyway. Slipknot even more so. But what about death metal? Do death metal bands have a sense of humor? Or are they always depressed and/or angry? Is there a single death metal parody band?

Well, it’s actually hard to distinguish sometimes, because of all the accidental humor that goes on. It’s like watching Dimmu Borgir try way too hard to be dark and mystical and ending up hilarious (yeah, yeah, they’re not death metal, but just seemed appropriate to use in context). Not to mention a lot of the bands don’t really take themselves that seriously, but people outside of metal circles do (and what’s sad, sometimes fans themselves). Take Cannibal Corpse for instance. Those guys don’t actually want to fuck you in the skull.

Every now and then, though, I do bump into a band that stands out. And not in the way that Anal Cunt and half the grind/gore scene stand out, I mean actually without trying to be over the top gruesome. How about over the top… stoned?

Meet Cannabis Corpse (haha, get it, they replaced Cannibal with Cannabis. Just what a stoner would spend half a day laughing at). They’re a band formed by Philip Hall of Municipal Waste, and they can be best described like Cannibal Corpse, but with a lot of weed thrown in. Did I just hear someone say Six Feet Under?

Now, I haven’t listened to them stoned, so I can’t vouch that they’ll make you laugh, and I usually need lyrics sheets to understand even clean vocals, let alone death growls, but the album titles and album covers promise lots of campy fun is never to be missed, not to mention headbanging. Or should it be headbonging? These guys probably have a song about it already. Who doesn’t want to visit “Gateways to Inhalation,” become a “Slave to the Chron” or have “Visions From The Dankside.” You don’t? “I Will Smoke You.” The song posted above actually has amazingly funny (in a non-retarded pothead) yet very satirical lyrics regarding legalization of marijuana.

Does marijuana combined with death metal grant enough to pass as trivia and make this a successful article? I have no idea. Unfortunately, I can’t play the “I’m stoned” card to justify a shitty article, but I might try it sometimes. At least give me a break for nicely tying in the Ghostface wazzup with the rest of the post. A? Also, in case you know a bizarre parody band, let me know, so I can do my job better and with less effort.

Anyway, the band just had a new album come out a couple of weeks back, it’s named Beneath Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise and it’s actually pretty sweet. Munchies guaranteed. Goddamn, another lame and hardly funny reference. I think our stoner fans might have seizures by now. Check out their official website, or just go here and stream the entire new album.

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