The most awkward interview ever

You know, when news was out that Megadeth’s new album is called 13, this interview was shown on many sources because Dave explains the meaning of 13 to him (13th album, he was 13 when he started playing guitar, that sort of thing).

But watch the whole thing and see how cringe-worthy it is. Every question is asked in a very awkward way and Dave answers it even more awkwardly. It’s such a mess.

I don’t know if Dave simply didn’t like the questions or just misunderstood some words because of the guy’s thick Scottish accent, but man oh man, it was hard to watch. The questions weren’t stellar, either. It’s like all the perfect ingredients came together to create the ultimate embarrassing interview.

Credit goes to RockAAA.com, although I wouldn’t brag about being behind that video if I were them.

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