Review: Masada – Suffer Mental Decay

It’s been a while since we’ve last posted a review, so I decided to tackle a really long album this time. I’m only kidding. Masada’s first demo, Suffer Mental Decay, only has two songs but why would that hold me back from reviewing it? Two awesome songs can be better than twenty awful songs, right? Is this the case with this demo? Make the jump to find out.

(And don’t bitch. Short intros for short demos. That’s how it works.)

Masada – Suffer Mental Decay (2011)

1. Suffer Mental Decay – 2:51
2. Toxic Unreality – 3:42

So let’s dive right into it. ‘Suffer Mental Decay’ starts as oldschool as oldschool Death Metal can be. For a demo, and especially a debut demo, this is really fine produced. The sound is clear. You can make out each instrument, massive attacks of double bass, oldschool guitar riffing and bass playing that reminds me of Alex Webster’s early material. If you sold me this as a rare Pestilence demo from the late-80’s, I’d believe you and buy it.

‘Toxic Unreality’ starts off, almost, like a Death song but soon goes down a similar path as ‘Suffer…’ The vocals consist of extremely deep growls but they’re not the main focus of the songs. They rather work as a supporting tool to the very well-played instrumentals.

Overall, Masada recorded a very oldschool-sounding Death Metal demo with Suffer Mental Decay. It’s well-played, it’s dark, it’s evil, it’s Death Metal. Thumbs up.

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