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So, before I get into this rant, I want to let you know that I don’t know much about drumming from a technical perspective. I don’t play drums, either. I’m just a regular music listener who enjoys some good — sometimes fast, sometimes heavy — drumming. I’m not one of those guys who searches on YouTube for guitar covers of my favorite songs, I search for drum covers of those songs. I just enjoy watching and listening to drummers.

Especially within the last decade, or so, drumming within Heavy Metal and its sub-genres became more of a focal point than ever before. I’m sure Thrash Metal drummers, i.e. Charlie Benante and Dave Lombardo, had a lot to do with that which then further evolved in the Death Metal genre.

So, I just thought why not take a minute and share some of my favorite drum covers or drums-only videos with my devoted DoM audience. After the jump you will find videos of Gene Hoglan and covers of songs originally played by Dave Lombardo, Joey Jordison, and Nyan Cat.

Gene Hoglan recording drums for the as-of-yet unreleased third Meldrum album Lifer.

Cover of Apocalyptica – ‘Somewhere Around Nothing’ by heinzfett. Originally played by Dave Lombardo.

Cover of Slipknot – ‘Duality’ by MachineGunSmith. Originally played by Joey Jordison.

Cover of the song of the popular video ‘Nyan Cat‘ by DrumsZackDrums.

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