Corey Taylor hearts Justin Bieber

Okay, the title may be a bit misleading, but that’s what we do here — we mislead people.

You know that Justin Bieber / Slipknot mash-up clip? Make the jump to see it, if you don’t. It’s called ‘Psychosocial Baby’ and it’s pretty bad. And it’s not bad because it has Bieber in it, it’s bad because it has Bieber AND Slipknot in it. That’s like a double assault on your ears.

Corey loves it though. He finds it ‘beautiful’ and ‘fucking amazing,’ so that should give you a clue as to why Stone Sour sounds the way it does.

I thought it was great. I was just like, ‘This is fucking beautiful.’ And the way it was put together… I mean, it was so pulled apart and put back together. [Laughs] I was like, ‘This is awesome!’ And so many kids were pissed off about it that it makes me laugh. I’m like, ‘This is fucking amazing!’

You either get it or you don’t. And that’s that thing, there’s that line. So many people take it way too seriously. It’s just like, ‘God, wear a helmet. Figure it out.’

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In fairness, the video is put together rather well. Clearly the person responsible for it has a lot of talent. So Corey is just praising the concept, not Bieber himself, right? Wrong:

The thing that really bothers me about so many people who talk shit about Justin Bieber — and I’m not saying I’m a fan — but the kid’s got talent. He’s got more talent than a lot of the bands that are signed out there. And you may hear the Auto-Tuning in his voice, but he doesn’t need it. He can dance, he can play, he can sing… Whatever… I don’t care. My son and my niece may love him to death, but at the end of the day, it’s like, who am I to question their taste

You tell ’em, Corey. Who do these assholes think they are, to question YOUR taste in pop music. You like Justin Bieber, that’s fine… Some people like Stone Sour, that’s fine as well. I’m more of a Britney guy myself, she used to be hot back in the day and all.

But hey, I’m being an asshole, right? Corey is just nice to this kid cause he’s 16, he wouldn’t just insult a young kid, right? Wrong:

Now, if you wanna talk about Rebecca Black. If I hear that [Friday] song again, I will probably beat the shit out of a nun, I’m telling you right now. That song’s so bad. I mean, it’s insultingly bad. And the lyrics are something out of ‘Sesame Street’… ”C’ is for cooking, back seat, front seat…’ Are you kidding me? Get the fuck out of my face with that shit!

Way to go, Corey. That 14 year old kid has to be put in her place. Don’t let her get away with her crappy lyrics. She will never be a brilliant lyricist and come up with stuff like “People = shit, whatcha’ gonna do? People = shit, cuz I’m not afraid of you.”

That would never be on Sesame Street. Interview clips and mash-up, right under the cut.

Part 1, whatcha’ gonna do?

Part 2, cuz I’m not afraid of you.


Source: Blabbermouth


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