Happy Chimaira

Oh happy Chimaira. We’ve reported a lot on the band in the last couple of months and it sure seemed like the band went through some rough times, with them losing bandmembers etc., but they apparently are very happy currently.

How do I make that judgement? Well, Mark Hunter recently did an interview and said the following:

“Look, we’re from Cleveland, so we only see the sun three days a year, but today I feel the sunshine [laughs]. It hasn’t felt this good playing in Chimaira for a long time.”

Read the full interview here.

Well, woop-dee-doo, someone’s happy. Honestly, it’s good to hear that the band is feeling good with their new bandmembers and I’m actually more interested in hearing their new material than I’ve been in a long time. I just hope they won’t turn Happy Metal on us.

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