Burning wood with metal

Heavy Metal is a music genre but metal is not only about the music itself. The artworks for albums are very popular, made it into fashion via merchandising and sometimes inspire artists to try something different to create their own interpretation of the art.

Like in the case of David Thompson, vocalist of two Death Metal bands (and in one, he also plays the guitar), who used a wood burning wand to burn Heavy Metal logos and artworks into wood.

You can see a sweet example of that above, with Slayer’s logo, and you can find some more pictures after the jump, including some words by David Thompson himself whom we reached out to recently.

Death logo burned into wood

“My earliest memory of doing wood burning was in scouts as a kid, and then some in wood-shop in jr high school.

A few months ago, I was at a hobby store and noticed a wood burning wand. I thought a Death logo would look really cool burned into some wood. We were about to get snowed in, so I purchased the wand, and a few pieces of wood to mess with. The Death piece was the first of many band logos, and other images, I have burned since. I have also purchased a “pro” wood burning regulator and pens, which make the fine details, like the Slayer – Divine Intervention image, I did recently.

Slayer - Divine Intention rustic-style

They seem to be really appreciated by the metal and horror crowd, and I have sold quite a few and have a few people wanting custom orders, which I will do most anything someone would want.

Thanks so much for showing my woodwork, and I appreciate all the good words.

Much respect,
Dave Thompson


If those two sweet-as-hell works (three, if you count the intro picture) didn’t convince you yet, you can find more pictures of Dave Thompson’s work on Facebook and, while you’re at it, you can find his bands, Enfuneration and Forte, on MySpace.

P.S.: Check out the awesome detail in the tribute work to Dimebag Darrell or the logo for Vomit God. Metal-as-fuck.

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