Video of the Week: Rammstein (at Jimmy Kimmel)

You know, I like Rammstein, but isn’t ‘Du Hast’ the most overplayed song in their repertoire? I know that they haven’t toured in the States in about 10 years but is ‘Du Hast’ a good choice to play, instead of a new song?

They played that particular song on Jimmy Kimmel Live this past thursday and, while I really enjoyed the performance, I’m simply just sick of the song. The band released four albums since then and — even though this might be their most known song — I think this is a poor choice to get back into people’s minds.

I don’t even particularly like their new album, Liebe Ist Für Alle Da (= Love Is For Everyone), but I think I would have prefered them to play a song off that record.

But it is what it is, and I imagine Jimmy Kimmel and his people had a say in that, too. So just watch the performance above and enjoy a lot of fire because that’s what Rammstein are all about. Crazy and fun shows with a lot of fire.

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