Video of the week: Megadeth

Hello me, meet the real me. And one of my favorite Megadeth songs.

Both me and the real me have a problem though. We don’t really get what this song is really about. Is it about war? Is it about mental illness? Is it about the TSA? The lyrics are so ambiguous that it’s hard to put a finger on what Dave Mustaine is really saying… Either that or I’m stupid. I’d say it’s about war, but you can really argue that it’s about something else entirely. I guess we’ll never know.

But the video is pretty unintentionally funny. Dave’s facial expressions and the way he interacts with himself seem straight out of a SNL skit. A bit too much comedy for such a serious message… Or maybe he’s pulling a reverse Kubrick by using a serious song over comical footage? You just never know with this guy…

What I do know is that Dimebag invented a drink after this song. If you didn’t know that, you obviously haven’t seen Pantera’s home videos. If so, leave this site and don’t come back until you do, metal traitor.

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