Video of the Week: Bloodbath

The video above is for Bloodbath’s ‘Hades Rising’ off their latest album ‘The Fathomless Mastery.’ I remember when the video for the song was first announced and I was impatiently waiting, lurking for hours on the official Bloodbath forum and stuff like that. When the video was finally released on Youtube, I was kind of disappointed with the video itself but the song remains one of my favorite Bloodbath tunes, especially the mindblowing outro.

Bloodbath have, over the years, achived quite a lot. The band was just formed in 1998, as a so-called supergroup, and then became one of the most respected and popular Death Metal acts, among oldschool Death Metal fans, just like younger Death Metal fans. In a time, where every second band is called a supergroup, it’s refreshing to listen to a real supergroup that plays awesome music.

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