Review: Die – Rise Of The Rotten

A couple of weeks ago, Die frontman Søren Christensen talked to me via Facebook and we then moved our conversation to email and yesterday I got a copy of Die’s debut album Rise Of The Rotten.

Today, I’m writing a review of said album. If you’re in a band yourself and you want your work reviewed by us, contact us via our ‘Your Band’ form.

Now make the jump for the review of Die – Rise Of The Rotten.

Die – Rise Of The Rotten

1. Execution Room – 3:54
2. Soul Scavenger – 5:14
3. Soil Became Flesh – 4:36
4. Dead Flesh Makeover – 3:54
5. Dread Lord – 3:44
6. Mors Et Sanguis – 3:44
7. Rise Of The Rotten – 4:17
8. Vindictive – 3:54
9. Gore Monger – 3:37

So, let’s take a look at the album cover first. I really like the sketchy look of the artwork, not only on the front but also in the booklet. It works great with the band’s logo, which I personally also like a lot. The bandname, Die, might not be the most imaginative name but it certainly gets the point across. And so does the albumtitle Rise Of The Rotten because with this album, we’re getting violent lyrics about zombies, torture and death. Good ol’ Death Metal lyrics that are brutal but not cheesy.

Now on to the music. With lyrics like “To be eaten alive. To be stripped to the bone by the dead. To be crushed by the will of the dead, to be eaten alive by the dead.” you just know what to expect. This surely isn’t Power Metal but Death Metal as brutal as it gets. If you’re now thinking Obituary, Six Feet Under or Bolt Thrower, then you’re wrong. Think Morbid Angel, Jack Slater, Hate Eternal and at times Cannibal Corpse, then you’re spot on.

This 37-minute Death Metal brutality fest doesn’t let loose at any point. The band does have their own sound, so they don’t sound like copycats. The riffs are great, at times reminding me of Tech Death but not as much to call them guitar wankery. The drumming is superb. Lots of blastbeats and overall extremely hard hitting. The vocals are brutal as hell all the time. No douchy pig squeals, just extreme death grunts. That’s the way I love my Death Metal.

Sometimes when I’m listening to Brutal Death Metal albums, I get bored easily because, as heavy as it might be, it sounds like the band is repeating the same riffs on all of their songs. That’s not the case with Die. Don’t get me wrong, this is heavy as fuck but the band understands how to change up just enough to make every song have its’ own identity. The overall speed is very high and, at times, there are groovy parts where I just can’t help and need to nod along.

Rise Of The Rotten is a great album and it’s incredible that this is the band’s debut album. Most Brutal Death Metal outfits only get to record such an album after years in existence. That Die managed to pull off an album like this as a debut, perfectly showcases how much talent this band possesses and I can’t wait to hear what these guys have planned for their second album.

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