Marilyn Manson is alive (?)

Remember back in the day when Marilyn Manson made music first, shitty pseudo-philosophical commentary on celebrities and whatever second (oh, celebritarianism, remember that shit?). Well, every now and then, he decides to take a band member back (Twiggy), kick another out (Ginger) and make a song here and there. Mostly, it’s redundant, and we wish it didn’t happen (*cough* last two albums *cough*), but for one reason or another, he won’t give up. So, today, we got another tidbit of his artistic expression. Meaning, a 30 second clip of his first new song since The High End of Low. The clip is called I Am Among No One (though that is not the actual name of the song), and you try to figure out what the artist wanted to say.

And what’s it like? Well, I wish I could tell, because the clip is mostly interrupted by what I believe is Trent Reznor jacking his dick off with his laptop, while ProTools is turned on. The parts which we can hear actually sound okay-ish. The real question is, does anyone still give a shit about an okay Marilyn Manson track in 2011? In my opinion, he needs to reinvent music for anyone to care.

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