Thrash ’til Death – Big Four times four, part 4

Welcome to the fourth and last edition of Thrash ’til Death, four lists of four of my favorite Thrash Metal bands, each list led by a genuine Big Four band. Lots of “fours” in there, eh?

We started with Metallica, then it was Slayer’s turn and after that, Megadeth had the lead so now it’s time for Anthrax. Make the jump for this last piece of a four (oh another “four”) week Thrash special.

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Anthrax are probably the most underrated of the Big Four. Scott Ian and co. have released quality albums since their 1984 debut ‘Fistful of Metal.’

‘Thrax are actually my favorite of the Big Four and one of my favorite bands ever. Be it their lyrics which deal with topics about comics (‘I Am The Law’), descrimination (‘Indians’) or Medusa (‘Medusa’). Their heavier songs (‘What Doesn’t Die’), their softer songs (‘Safe Home’) or their weird songs (‘I Am The Man’). Or their frequent change of singers (Neil Turbin, Joey Belladonna, John Bush, Joey Belladonna, Dan Nelson, John Bush, Joey Belladonna). Something about this band and their music just gets me.

My favorite Anthrax song is none of the already named but ‘Nobody Knows Anything’. I had to include a live version of the song because YouTube is being a bitch in my country and blocking most Anthrax songs but the live version is awesome aswell and also has a kickass drum solo so boohoo, go fuck yourself YouTube.

Two bands that have Scott Ian and Charlie Benante as members, did someone run out of bands to list? Nope, S.O.D. kick yo ass, kill you and then play a medley of their infamous Ballads on your funeral. “You’re dead!”

But seriously… no, not seriously because Stormtroopers of Death aren’t really serious themselves but this band revolutionized the Crossover Thrash genre. Rightfully so, they’re funny and overall fun to listen to.

My favorite S.O.D. song is an evil one, ‘Bigger Than The Devil’.

Swashbuckle are confirmed pirates. They steal shit and probably rape… each other but it’s fine, they’re pirates. Pirates do that. That and not brushing teeth, boom, you’re a pirate. Join Swashbuckle.

But honestly, beyond this gimmick lies an awesome Thrash Metal band with some hints to Death Metal. And let’s be honest here, who doesn’t want to wear a pirate hat, drink grog and sing “Yo Ho” all day?

My favorite Pirate Metal song is called ‘Welcome Aboard’ off their first album, ‘Crewed By The Damned’. Yes, they’re better than Alestorm, or as Swashbuckle call them: Failstorm.

New School Thrash Metal. If you talk about the resurrection of Thrash Metal, you just have to mention Warbringer. I know the picture above is of shitty quality but hey, don’t blame me. Tell them to get a better PR agent who publishes decent promo shots.

But who cares about aesthetics (I know some who would, baboom!) when it comes to Thrash Metal? All that matters is that these guys kick ass and they sure as fucking hell do. Just check them out yourself.

You want to check them out right now? Well, listen to my favorite of their songs, ‘Systematic Genocide’.

That’s it. The last edition of my Thrash Metal feature. It’s been fun and also some hard work (as you’ve probably noticed, I suck at making images). I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


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