Some headlines…

Chimaira (pictured above) lost their keyboardist. His name is Chris Spicuzza and I have no idea if he’s actually in the photo above or not. It says he’s also a programmer… I didn’t know metal bands needed coders.

August Burns Red (who?) set a title for their upcoming album. It’s called Leveler and it’s due on June 21st. Now, I don’t know about you, but if I were in that band, I’d release all my shit in August.

Trivium are also working on a new album. In fact, they’re almost finishing it. This is about as exciting as finding our you need an anus operation.

In Flames are also releasing something. For fuck’s sake, everyone’s releasing everything right now. Anyway, these guys are releasing a digital single on May 10th and if you’re anxious about it, blow me.

Alice In Chains will make a special concert announcement next week. It’s still ‘this week’ where I live so no point discussing this yet.

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