Review: Debauchery – Germany’s Next Death Metal

Remember last week, when I reviewed the Six Feet Under concert I went to, that also included Debauchery on the lineup? On that very day, I also bought Debauchery’s new album ‘Germany’s Next Death Metal.’ I just didn’t get around to review it yet but today’s the day!

For those of you who aren’t yet familiar with Debauchery, I wrote an in-depth Incoming article about Debauchery, including sound examples of each album, in February.

We also interviewed the band’s mainman Thomas Gurrath twice for the site, so I think it’s fairly obvious that I’m really into this band. Make the jump to read what I make of their new album.

Debauchery – Germany’s Next Death Metal

1. The Unbroken – 06:13
2. Zombie Blitzkrieg – 03:22
3. Warmachines At War – 04:10
4. Animal Holocaust – 03:59
5. Bloodslaughter Onslaught – 04:41
6. Germany’s Next Death Metal – 04:59
7. School Shooter – 04:22
8. Death Will Entertain – 03:32
9. Armed For Apocalypse – 03:51
10. Genocider Overkill – 03:15
11. Killing Is Our Culture – 04:06
12. School’s Out (Alice Cooper cover) – 03:34

The artwork you see above, and the albumtitle, is a pun on the German TV show ‘Germany’s Next Topmodel,’ hosted by Heidi Klum. Which is a spin-off of ‘America’s Next Top Model.’ To take the pun even further, Thomas Gurrath posed with a couple of Playmates for the album inlay. You can view one of those pictures here, because I used it for our latest interview with Thomas.

Moving on, now on to the important part of the review: the songs. The album starts off with ‘The Unbroken,’ a song that lyrically deals with Gurrath’s ex-wife (or ex-girlfriend? I’m not sure actually) who cheated on him and, I assume, the dismissal from his job as a teacher last year and that basically nothing can hold him down. Musically, the song has a nice and melodic intro and turns more into a Hard Rock/Heavy Metal song than a Death Metal song.

That is also best sums up the sound of the album. At times, it goes into heavier territory but these parts are rare. ‘Animal Holocaust’ and ‘Killing Is Our Culture’ are probably the heaviest songs on this album but if you’re looking for fast Death Metal here, than you’re certainly wrong with this album.

‘Death Will Entertain’ is one of the faster songs on the album but actually sounds more like mid-career Slayer than, let’s say, Cannibal Corpse. The big plus for these songs is that they work live and that’s where Debauchery belongs. On stage. I can’t stress enough that Debauchery are one of the best and most fun live bands in Death Metal.

The album ends with a cover of Alice Cooper’s ‘School’s Out.’ A song that I don’t really like that much. But the song, which was originally released as a single shortly after Gurrath was fired from his job as a teacher, should be taken into that context. It was clearly a message aimed at the school officials.

Overall, I did enjoy this album but that’s coming from a fan of this band. If you’re new to the band, I definitely wouldn’t advice you to get this album but rather ‘Torture Pit’ or ‘Continue To Kill.’ These two albums feature Debauchery’s best work and I’d rather put ‘Germany’s Next Death Metal’ next to ‘Back In Blood,’ because both albums are certainly for fans of the band, who know what to expect and like the band for that.

The thing is, I have to rate this album as a journalist and not a fan and that’s why my rating differs slightly from my personal opinion. With that being said, it’s not a bad album at all, there’s just something missing. And that’s speed and diversity.

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