Andy McKee can play the electric guitar

So right after my interview with Andy McKee, where I asked him about his electric guitar playing and if he’d take the rhythm or lead position in a metal band, he uploaded a video of him doing a Dream Theater solo.

Coincidence? Yeah, probably, but it’s still cool.

Not that it’s a surprise that he is also great on the electric. If anything, the acoustic is much harder to play as you don’t have effects to hide behind (you know what I mean, Kirk?), but it’s still a bit weird seeing him without his deformed penis harpguitar acoustic guitar.

I hope he posts a video of him playing Master Of Puppets. Wouldn’t that be something else?

By the way, Andy became a father Wednesday. Make sure you congratulate him.

P.S. = Who photoshopped the headstock out of that video? TRIPPY, YO!

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