Weekly Dose of Metal: Artas

Artas is a modern Thrash/Death Metal band from Austria. While their first album ‘The Healing’ was a Death Thrash Metal album, the new album ‘Riotology,’ which was released this year, goes a way more melodic path. Artas’ lyrics are mostly in English, but they also feature songs in Spanish, French and German.

The following song, called ‘Rassenhass’ (eng. ‘Racial Hatred’), is a song about something that we, at Dose of Metal, wholeheartly support. It’s a song against racism and fascism, that’s sadly still way too common all around the world.

I’ll now translate the chorus for those who don’t speak German: “Because the masses hate races, you hate them too and because you hate, love is lost for you. Selected to hate races.”.

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