Morning cover

First of all, it’s not morning, it’s almost noon, where I am. Which probably doesn’t interest you, but I’m tired, had next to no sleep, can barely keep my eyes open and I have a tough day ahead of me. Which probably interests you even less. Is this post a bit egocentric? Well, I’m at the fourth sentence and I’ll I’ve kept talking about so far is myself.

On topic, we cover metal covers from time to time. Why? Because it covers the lack of news we’d usually be posting about. Here’s a drinking game idea: read this post and drink each time you read “I,” “myself” and “cover.” Michael Jackson metal covers probably need a subcategory of their own. And that’s what we have here, British band Xerath posted a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Speed Demon” online. Who are Xerath? Beats me. What did I think of this cover? Not much, really. Why am I posting it then? Because I write for this site, and you don’t. Drunk yet?

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