Lemme introduce myself… Bitch

Well, um… hello there.

After lots of sleepless nights and horrifyingly vivid daydreams of countless hordes of metal fans yelling not-so-nice things about my writing skills, taste in music and my ancestors, I decided to face the challenge Alex has put me in front of (yes, I just wrote that) and join the marvelous group of fine gentlemen running and contributing to this wondrous site.

All in all, if that show about cars, Top Gear if I recall correctly, has a James May, I guess I can fit in here. Sorry about that – had to make an obscure reference from the get-go, otherwise I would contradict and confuse myself.

I reckon all this energy and zinginess has to be counterweighted by a boring old fart balanced approach to this type of music that we all seem to more or less enjoy. My input will probably be sporadic (I can only take so much hate mail), and I’ll try to keep it civil as long as my Xanax prescription is valid. Now that I’ve used all the tricks I know – strikethrough text, parentheses and all that -, if anything else than I have written above appears in this text, know that it’s Alex’s doing.

Hit the jump to see what kind of attitude I’m expecting.

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