It was all Axl’s fault!

Slash just revealed something in an interview that would have blown your mind… If this was 1995. Unfortunately it’s 2011 so it’s all a big yawn fest.

No one in the original Guns N’ Roses ever said, ‘Let’s try to put the band back together.’ Also, it’s all about Axl. The reason that everybody left was because in the back of his mind I think that’s the way he wanted it. So the reason why there’s no Guns N’ Roses was because of him. I’ve got nothing to do with it. I quit for the same reason that everybody did. So it’s really his problem.

Read full interview here.

Wow! So it’s all Axl‘s fault? No… I don’t believe it! Can’t be!

Jesus, when will this shit gonna end? It seems like every other week there’s an interview with a former GNR member about this. Granted, it’s also the reporter’s fault but come on…

I like GNR. I’m not a fan, but their classic songs are great. I didn’t want to see them live last year, simply because they weren’t GNR, more like “Axl & Friends” — But should they reunite with Slash and the old crew, I’d die to see them live.

Mark my words for I am a metal prophet… They will reunite. Maybe not next year or in the next couple of years, but at one point the demand will be too big for them to say no to big paychecks. Besides, Slash seems to be willing to do it. All his interviews on the matter basically say “Axl, if you’re game, I’m game” so it’s all a matter of time.

So fear not. In the end, money always wins. It’s what made all these comebacks and reunions possible. God bless them.

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