Five random covers that aren’t very good

One of the most frustrating things about being a music fanatic is when bands cover a classic and completely butcher it.  A lot of bands have been successful over the years with respectable covers, and then you have quite a few bands just creating garbage covers and making you wonder why they’re even trying.

These 5 songs aren’t necessarily the worst of all time (I don’t have the time and patience to search for metal/ hard rock bands that have done poor covers over the years), however, they are embarrassing and should have never been recorded.

Nonpoint – Billy Jean

You’d think Nonpoint would have put some energy into this and added a little funk to it, but instead they decided to create a really boring, sappy cover of a classic Michael Jackson track.

Children Of Bodom – Oops I did it again

Alright guys, you aren’t funny, this song isn’t funny and the original is horrible. This cover sucks.

(hed) P.E – Sabbra Cadabra

I might give them some credit for making it sound completely different from the original, but a Black Sabbath song should never be turned into a rap song, ever.

Slayer – Born to be wild

I have a hard time watching this video. Slayer are awesome and I just feel so embarrassed for them. It’s just too painful to watch.  If I ever had a chance to ask a member of Slayer a question, it would be about this horrible cover done on tv.

Fightstar – Breaking The Law

I think the worst nightmare of an old school metalhead is when a scene/screamo band covers a band they truly love.  Well, Fightstar did it a few years ago and it’s horrendous.

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