Tuesday Trivia: Wolverine is metal

Look at that face. Doesn’t he look like he’s busting out some sweet growls? And isn’t Wolverine‘s skeleton made of adamantium anyway, thus making him officially more metal than anyone else, except Iron Man perhaps? But did you know there’s also something musically metal about him?

You know the drill, make the jump. And crank the volume up. You’re in for some… METAL WOLVERINE!


The song is called “Wolverine Blues,” and it’s performed by Entombed. Now, how did this thing come to happen?

Well, contrary to what you might have thought, the song (and album’s) names have nothing to do with the Wolverine. But someone at Marvel thought that marketing Wolverine to nerdy Scandinavians should be done through a death metal performer (smart marketing, and I mean it), Entombed had an appropriately named CD, the stars aligned, and the mega corporation fat cats pointed a gun at Entombed and forced them to wear Wolverine t-shirts and have shitty comic book backgrounds in this video. Actually, they did them a favor, because this is the rare 1/100 Scandinavian metal videos that stands out of the bunch. Kudos to Marvel and guns.

Source: io9

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