Tuesday Trivia: Metal is addictive

How someone imagined Roger Tullgren

“No shit, Sherlock,” screams the reader, while some metal tune is blasting out their speaker. You think you’re so tough because you have the latest Slayer album and wear a band t-shirt? There are people in this world who actually claimed (and proved) that they can’t function without metal (and we’re not talking the daily dose of iron you have to take everyday). And there is one country in the world that’s willing to help you out, and even subsidy part of your paycheck. Make a quick guess which country it is, then make the jump.

Sweden. Of course… Was there really anyone who thought otherwise? Anyway…

Meet Roger Tullgren. Roger might seem like a regular, (then) 42-year old stereotypical long-haired Swede metalhead. But, Roger is suffering from a horrible addiction. He’s addicted to METAL!

His condition was so bad, that in 2006, he visited over 300 concerts. Poor guy. He also couldn’t go on without listening to it on daily basis, nor missing any shows, so he got fired from his job.

Luckily for him, in 2007, after a ten year struggle and three different psychiatrists examining him, he got his addiction confirmed on a little piece of paper which said he is handicapped and shouldn’t be discriminated against. With that piece of paper, in full-metal outfit, Roger was able to look for a job, without having to live a double life of a normal member of society at work and metalhead everywhere else. Roger then found a job as a dishwasher. He made it big time. But at least he was able to listen to metal on his workplace. Come to think of it, many experiments show that small animals and insects run or work faster if they’re played heavy and loud music (why? — find out in a future Tuesday Trivia).

So, Roger was happy, his employer was happy, customers didn’t mind the noise coming from the back room (because obviously everyone in Sweden listens to metal (is that true? — probably not, but I could use another Tuesday Trivia article, so I’ll put my super investigative googling powers to use and find out), and I am in the process of packing my bags and moving to Sweden.

If you think this article is a joke, it’s not, you can read an official, properly worded and structured news report on the subject that says the same thing if you click right here.

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