Max Cavalera is deaf and/or blind

That’s the only explanation I have for Mr. what-the-fuck-is-going-on-with-your-hair Cavalera still talking about reuniting with Sepultura, even though they made it pretty clear that they’re not interested.

Recently, MTV2’s Posers Ball Headbangers Ball conducted an interview with Max Cavalera and Mr. Soulfly had the following to say;

“When the classic four was together, it was really powerful. And I tried my best — I convinced Igor to go back; I said, ‘Would you come if I was involved?’ And I talked to Andreas. And Andreas seemed interested at first and then after that it got weird; lawyers started getting involved and shit like that. So I don’t know. And I read somewhere that the one that doesn’t wanna do it is Paulo. [Laughs] Which is, like… I don’t know what his gig is; I don’t know what his problem is. I would just like to [reunite the classic Sepultura lineup] — just for my fans. Show them what this band was all about.”

So either Max is deaf, watched the video of Andreas Kisser declaring that he’s tired of Max’s bullshit and simply didn’t understand a word and thought “Hey, I’m pretty sure they’re talking about reuniting with me. Why else would the new guy look that sad and not say a thing?” or he’s blind and couldn’t read our article.

Yes, I just plugged my old article twice and boom, there I did it again. I’m just trying to help Max Cavalera here.

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