Tuesday Trivia: Ozzy's (animal) body count

Ozzy Osbourne

Have you ever had a discussion with someone over Ozzy Osbourne, and they wondered just how many birds and bats Ozzy decapitated over years, or is it all just a myth? Wanna come off as a smartass and annoy your imaginary friends? Thanks to us, now you can. Read on.

The answer is yes, Ozzy had indeed an unusual choice for snacks back in the 80’s, and he bit off one dove’s (gross) and one bat’s (even more gross) head. That’s two creatures with one pair of wings, and one head missing each. On record, anyway, what he did privately is probably better left unknown.

The dove incident happened in 1981:

While the incident with the bat would continue to haunt Ozzy throughout his career and can be legitimately called an accident, the infamous dove incident was definitely not accidental. It seems it was a publicity stunt planned by Sharon and Ozzy. Ozzy had just signed with a new record label, CBS, and he and Sharon were being introduced to the head executives of the company in Los Angeles. CBS was not overly interested in Ozzy, having just signed Adam Ant, and to them he was just another album. In an attempt to gain their attention, and publicity, it was arranged that Ozzy would enter the office and then throw two doves into the air. It is unclear if the rest was intended or simply a spur of the moment decision on Ozzy‘s part, but instead of two doves flying into the air, Ozzy took one out of his pocket and bit the head off of it. Ozzy admits to being drunk at the time of the incident, but regardless of what the initial plan was, the end result was plenty of publicity, and most of it not at all pleasant. The man who was already referred to as the Mad Man was now condemned and attacked by more people and groups than he would ever had imagined.
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And the following year a similar thing with the bat happened:

Although many fans dismiss the story as myth, Ozzy Osbourne — reality TV’s rock & roll Prince of Darkness — actually did bite the head off a bat. After the 1981 release of his second solo album, Diary of a Madman, the former Black Sabbath vocalist hit the road for a tour nicknamed “Night of the Living Dead.” Onstage, Ozzy pelted his audience nightly with 25 lbs. of pig intestines and calves’ livers. Fans began bringing meat, and then dead animals, to throw back. One night in Des Moines, someone threw a live bat onstage. Stunned by the lights, the bat lay motionless. Osbourne, thinking it was a rubber toy, bit into its neck. He was rushed to the hospital and tested for rabies.
Source: Rolling Stone

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