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Keys make everything sound better, agree? Heh, who the heck cares about what you think. I love the sound of a piano and how nicely it works with metal.

See Be’lakor’s ‘Paths,’ Debauchery’s ‘Take my Pain,’ (Double Bass Drums + Strings + Piano = Instant orgasm)  or Haggard’s ‘Awaking the Centuries’ for great metal songs, of three different sub-genres by the way, that include the piano.

That’s not what I’m talking about though when I say Piano Metal. What I mean is metal songs covered on a piano. YouTube is plastered with covers but certain covers really do it for me and actually at times make the cover sound better than the original. Make the jump to catch a couple of Piano Metal covers that I, personally, really enjoy.

vkgoeswild – Descend the Shades of Night (Original by Machine Head)

vkgoeswild – The Day That Never Comes (Original by Metallica)

ALUxoxo – Embrace of the Endless Ocean (Original by Amon Amarth)

daganos – Blood Brothers (Original by Iron Maiden)

vkgoeswild – Davidian (Original by Machine Head)

vkgoeswild – Orion (Original by Metallica)

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