Mike Shinoda is calling out people on the internet

Mike Shinoda

Now, before I even start, I know, the only metal we can associate with Linkin Park is the daily requirement of iron and zinc their band members have to take in order to stay alive (too bad, right?). So why mention them you might ask? Well, we’re a humorous site, and the articles on Linkin Park tend to write themselves.

Or in this case, by Mike Shinoda. It seems that it’s not enough that all the sell out established journalists are praising their “concept” album A Thousand Suns, because Mike wants more. So if you write a fan review on iTunes and rate the album badly, prepare to be taught a lesson by the big man himself. Quite hypocritical for a band who traded their teenage angst for the U2-inspired “bringers of world piece” image. Live and let live, isn’t that right, Mike?

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You can read his blog post here, in which he accuses everyone who gave the piece of shit album negative reviews of “not getting it”. He also uses the word “haters” a lot, which is something even Fred Durst learned should be let go of. I will not post the text here, because it made me throw up a little in my mouth, and since I’m such a nice person, I actually care about the people who read what I post.

And risking any credibility I have as someone associated with Dose of Metal, I will say this: I actually listened to this album. Even more than once. I gave it a chance because I was quite interested to see what these guys could do when given some creative freedom.

See Mike, it’s not that I “don’t get it”. There’s nothing to get. Behind the wall of self-indulgent jerking off on Fruity Loops, pseudo-artistic gimmickry, intros for the sake of covering up weak songs, and weak song that show the lack of any good ideas, horrible rhymes and the lack of the awesomeness that is Brad Delson, this is, in fact, one of the worst concept albums I have heard in my life. A little part of me actually expected that this band could put some “talent” of theirs to use, but bottom line is, this album is so horribly mediocre, that even the (very few) moments that might seem good are drowned in the noise of its four surrounding tracks.

And in the end (no pun intended), a lesson for everyone out there who says that this album should be listened in its entirety to be understood: That’s bullshit. A good concept album has songs that are good on their own, but paint a larger picture when combined. This album actually sounds worse when listened to from start to end, because you will most likely doze off waiting for the first real (and pretty mediocre) song to kick in.

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