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Max Cavalera Jr. plays drums

Max Cavalera’s son, Zyon Cavalera (like the Matrix city of the same name), plays drums. And he doesn’t play drums just anywhere, apparently he’ll jam with Cavalera Conspiracy on their July 31 performance in Belgium.

Jeez, I wonder how he got the gig. Did he know someone in the band or something?

I think it’s cool that the kid is also pursuing music, but what the hell is with that name? Did Max watch too much Matrix? Or is he way too old to be born after the first movie came out? Hey, math was never my strongest quality, why do you think I fucking write a blog?

If this kid was in my school, I’d say “Woah!” to him all the time, do some Neo moves, then just punch him and ask him for his rich rockstar dad lunch money. Yes, I’m cool like that.

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