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Metal All Stars? Yes please!


Yeah baby! I’m back here to tell you that I’ll be attending one of the ‘Metal All Stars’ gigs because it’s been my dream to hear a Pantera reunion with Zakk Wylde on guitar and this seems like the next best thing as Phil and Zakk will perform some legendary Pantera tracks together.

I know I haven’t posted much lately but the possibility of hearing “Cemetary Gates” live has brought me back from retirement.

Also part of this gig: Max Cavalera, Joey Belladonna, Nick Menza, Udo, Ross The Boss and others…

It’s two months from now but I’m excited already. Poster, tour dates and press release after the jump.


Zakk Wylde got roasted (and probably smashed)

The good thing about Zakk Wylde is that, even though he probably spends a lot of money on Johnnie Walker Black Label, he also saves a lot by not showering. So his bills kinda even out.

Anyway, he got roasted recently, and Blabbermouth has a decent article on what happened that night. A few things said by the roasters:

Zakk Wylde on Scott Ian: “Scott’s been playing lots of poker lately, and like Anthrax, they can both barely pull a full house.”
Zakk Wylde on Corey Taylor: “Corey Taylor was in a Tenacious D cover band called Pugnacious P. Now he’s in a Nickelback cover band called Stone Sour.”
Brian Posehn to Scott Ian: “So you’re responsible for Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit. On behalf of everybody, (screw) you.”

Full article here.

On paper, some of those jokes sound pretty funny, so I don’t know, maybe it was a good show. They should air this crap, sure beats roasting washed up actors and comedians, the way Comedy Central does it.


Zakk Wylde blames BLS on Ozzy

When you’re responsible for awful things such as Black Label Society, no wonder you’re not gonna take any of the blame, and instead will just point the finger at the old mumbling guy who can’t defend himself.

Here’s what Zakk had to say in a recent interview about the band he named after a mediocre brand of whiskey:

Without Ozzy, there’d be no Black Label. That’s just a fact. So the whole thing is, nothing was going on, and then Ozzy just got to the point where he was like, ‘Zakk, I gotta get another guitar player.’ I’m like, ‘Ozz, I don’t blame you.’ I’m like, I’m sitting around here, I don’t know whether we’re coming or going, or whether we’re gonna do this thing or not do this thing.

Read full interview here.

Real mature, Zakk, let’s just blame it all on the guy with Parkinson’s disease. What is he gonna do? Shake about with anger?

Leaving all jokes aside, Zakk’s always been faithful to Ozzy and had only nice things to say about him. In a business where talking shit about other musicians is the ‘way to go,’ Zakk really is a breath of fresh air. And I actually love Black Label. The whiskey, not the band…


Zakk Wylde is grateful

Zakk Wylde remains ‘eternally’ grateful to both Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne. Don’t believe me? Here:

I mean, what more could Ozzy do for me? He introduced me to the world and then on top of it, Mom and the Boss always had me opening up on the Ozzfest and helping me all the time, so I mean, how could I not be eternally grateful to them?

Read full article here.

He calls Sharon ‘Mom’ and Ozzy ‘Boss’? Haha. Awesome.

Anyway, I really respect him for being grateful and not biting the hand that fed him, way too many people simply forget that you were the one who helped them, the moment they get to a high place.

Kudos to you, Zakk. Or should I call you ‘Dad’? Hehe


Zakk Wylde is safe!

Both Zakk Wylde and his epic beard are safe. He has a restraining order against his number one fan.

Yes, Zakk was stalked by his neighbor, a lovable bipolar dude who broke into his home studio and also left a ‘sacrifice’ for him (a guitar). You can read more info by clicking the link above, which takes you to the original story we wrote on this, all via the magic of the interwebz.

You’d think Zakk would be comfortable around these crazy dudes, having worked with Ozzy and all. But if he got scared by this guy, I can only imagine what a lunatic he was. TMZ writes:

Radich — who Wylde described as “mentally ill” — was ordered to stay at least 50 yards away from Zakk and his family for the next three years.

Read full article here.

Wow, just three years? This guy will have just enough time to prepare a new sacrifice and cook up a new plan. Great job, authorities.

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