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Three interviews to get you going

Dino Cazares of Fear Factory and Divine Heresy is appropriately named ‘Dino,’ if you ask us. We just hope that photo doesn’t cause our server to crash. Anyway, someone interviewed him, so watch that after the jump…

Oderus Urungus of Gwar also got interviewed.I didn’t look at his stupid mask/costume though, I looked at the lady with the big tits. Not sure if she should be dressed as an angel, even if we suspend our disbelief to assume religion isn’t a lie, there’s still a thing called gravity and I doubt those small wings can carry such a husky ‘messenger of God.’ Anyway, also watch after the jump.

Accept guitarist Wolf Hoffmann (damn, Dino… Wolf… Is everyone fucking named after an animal?) also got interviewed, but only in audio form, so it’s less fancy. Don’t bother making the jump for this, just go here and listen to it.

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