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Got djent? If not, here’s some Vildhjarta for you!


Vildhjarta will release their debut album, Måsstaden, on November 28th and 29th (the one that’s Tuesday is North American release date, hence by the magic of logic, we come to the conclusion that the other one is for the European market. If only I weren’t so lazy to click on the calendar icon sitting in the bottom of my screen and check which is which… Oh well. Where was I? Oh yeah, need to close the brackets).

Good news is, you can listen to the previews right now, if you head over to Amazon, and if you make the jump, you can also watch their set at this year’s Euroblast.

Thanks for both the news and the footage goes to Got Djent.



Vildhjarta (or at least a few members of the band)

Vildhjarta fans, rejoice, ’cause your band just got a deal of the lifetime — a record deal. According to a retweet of a tweet I stumbled upon earlier, the band has signed on with Century Media which will be handling the worldwide distribution of their as-of-yet non-released (duh) studio debut, Irreversible. Hopefully, along with the album, they also get to release some promo photos I can use which can actually fit all band members in them.

Who are Vildhjarta, you might be wondering? Sit down, and prepare better for next time, padawan, because we’ve featured them before when we covered djent for the first time. Trendcore whore? No, these guys are really good and they’ve been doing their thing for a while now, plus djent is djust a dumb label, so go and can check them out on their Facebook page or their website.


Tuesday Trivia: Got djent?

Got djent?

Yeah, got djent? Do you even know what the fuck djent is? Well, read on and find out.

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