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David Lee Roth picks the right time to brag about his wealth

You know, the economy is pretty bad, and on top of all that, we have SOPA/PIPA/ACTA to worry about, so what better time for a musician to make a joke about wealth, eh? Here’s what David Lee Roth said in a recent interview:

I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor. Rich is better. Totally better.”

Read full article here.

This is exactly why people illegally download music with a big smile on their face. I’m not saying it’s right, but when you see musicians flaunting their wealth on TV and in interviews, you kinda understand why people would not care about copyrighted work.

Granted, it’s not the Metallicas and Van Halens of the music industry who suffer because of piracy, it’s the small bands who might have been the new Metallica or the new Van Halen — but will never get the chance. Anyway, all I’m saying is, when you joke about how good it is to be rich, or how awesome it is to tour in a private jet, you’re kind of giving the green light to people to log out of Amazon and iTunes and log in to Demonoid and The Pirate Bay.


New Van Halen

I realize “New Van Halen” is an oxymoron, kind of like “stupid Alex” or “shitty Dose of Metal.” Or “Straight David Lee Roth.”

But the guys really do have a new sample for you, and you can listen to it below.

Do I care about it, though? Well, let’s see, here’s a comment that was posted on our site recently:

Why the fuck do you always post about shit and then say you “don’t care” about it? Sometimes I wonder if you cunts even listen to metal.”

Don’t care.


Van Halen keeping it retro with new music video

Someone had better tell Van Halen that this is not the 80s anymore, and cheesy effects like reversing footage, then playing it forward again is not ‘hip’ anymore.

Their new video for “Tattoo” is most likely intended to be nostalgic, but all it does to me is feel sorry for a bunch of middle-aged musicians seemingly stuck in a bubble from before I was born.

Guys, we admire your career, but get a fucking director who does not belong in a nursing home.


Van Halen new album title revealed?

Van Halen, the band not even my Grandfather’s Grandfather would admit to liking, apparently have a new album coming out — That alone is news to me — but apparently, according to Blabbermouth, Swiss multimedia shop CeDe, Van Halen has set A Different Kind Of Truth as the title of its new album, which will allegedly be released on February 7.

In other news, I just checked my pubes and I found Pthirus pubis.


Van Halen will be pretty busy

I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty excited about Van Halen possibly coming to my city. I am waiting for the dates and hoping for the best. Nothing like seeing an effeminate middle-aged guy do jumps on stage to the sound of tapping solos, eh?

But seriously, I want to see these guys. So here’s the schedule for the first two months of 2012:

“JANUARY 3rd: 
*CONCERT DATES & CITIES ANNOUNCED for first wave of tour

JANUARY 10th: 


Courtesy of VHND.com

Keeping themselves busy, eh? That’s good.

Keep checking DoM for the usual late and uninformative news… We will cover the dates and videos and everything… Maybe.

Make the jump for a trailer of their tour. Go ahead, jump. JUMP! *keyboard solo*

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