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Friday headlines and shit…

Floridian Metallica cover band metal band Trivium (pictured above) finished recording their new album. Where do you think they recorded it? Florida, duh. There’s some footage of Matt Heafy recording vocals, so if you want to see it, make the jump off a bridge.

Unearth, the band whose name sounds like something Al Gore would preach about, are also recording an album. It’s called ‘Darkness In The Light‘ and it’s coming out this summer. I wish all bands would name their albums with an oxymoron. Can you imagine Slayer? ‘Kerry King Slim.’

Another band that starts with the prefix ‘un-,’ Unexpect, is releasing an album. It’s called ‘Fables Of The Sleepless Empire‘ and it sounds like something Peter Jackson would direct. Track listing and artwork here.

Geddy Lee of Rush is also preaching about a new album. Gee, is he gonna use  new album pep clichés  like ‘heavier’ and ‘diverse’? You betcha.

There is pro footage of Accept performing ‘Neon Nights’ at Hammerfest and boy, I sure ain’t excited about it. In fact, who are these guys? Make the jump for the video if you’ve ever heard of them.

Speaking of bands you’ve never heard of, Communic also have a new album out called ‘The Bottom Deep.’ I could tell you when it’s coming out and what the tracks are, but I’m not gonna. 8==D

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