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Review: Trivium – In Waves (Special Edition)

Released yesterday in the US (and on a different date in 4 of the other countries in the world), Trivium have returned to the scene after almost 7 years of bursting into the forefront of mainstream Metal, and having lost some of their momentum in recent years.

Regular readers of Dose of Metal will know that I haven’t always been that kind to the band, but being honest, I actually consider Ascendency a damn good album. Overrated? Maybe, but a bad album it is far from being. As the band grew in popularity, however, that is when the band began to lose themselves. The Crusade was nothing but a straight ‘Tallica and Megadeth rip off, being nothing but a wank stain of a record. Then came Shogun, a massive improvement with some claiming it to be a return to form.

So, it’s 2011, Trivium are back with another album. Despite my rantings, I actually gave lead single ‘In Waves’ a positive review last week. Now it’s time to find out the verdict on the album, so make the jump.


This week’s playlist

Have you ever wondered what we’ve been busy blasting here at the Dose of Metal office? Of course you haven’t, we don’t even have an office, but that doesn’t mean we can’t review some new metal tracks for you, and let you readers know what’s been hogging our stereo.

This week I decided to do something I rarely do – actually check out some new music. I sometimes get so caught up in my own ways, listening to the same bands over again, that I forget their is a wealth of other music out there.

Since this week’s feature is the first, I’m going to review some new tracks from the last month or so, but from next week I’m going to keep it to mainly just new tracks released in that given week. But enough about that, let’s just get on with it shall we? Make the motherflipping jump before I pop a cap in your ass.


Matt Heafy talks Lady Gaga

Being the frontman of a band as a mediocre and overhyped as Trivium, it comes with  no surprise to learn that Matt Heafy has taken great inspiration from Lady Gaga for the new album, In Waves.

Trivium sinking lower into the depths of Pop? No surprises here.

Ok, admittedly I’ve completely twisted his words and the new album will probably be as ‘Metal’ as any of their other albums. Check out the full interview with Amy Harris here if you’re idea of a fun night is spending the evening knitting with your grandma.

P.S. That’s not Matt Heafy above, I just don’t want his name tarnishing my search history, getting in the way of all my porn searches.


Today’s Dose of Metal

Since this site is called Dose of Metal, we do a lot of ‘dose of metal’ posts where we give you, well, doses of metal.

I figured I’d add a thematic one, meaning it’s a clip from one of the bands written about in today’s news. Maybe I’ll do this daily, if I can be bothered.

Anyway, I’m starting with Trivium‘s Master Of Puppets cover.  It stops right where the song gets interesting (interlude, first solo, etc…) so I give it a 5 out of 10.


Metalheadlines: Eff you edition

Trivium (pictured above) have a new song online. It’s called ‘Inception Of The End’ and it sounds like it’s about dreams, or something. Anyway, it’s on YouTube at this location, so feel free to not click that link.

Slash had a song with Fergie (of NWOBHM band The Black Eyed Peas) so it makes sense for Fergie to join Slash on stage. Right? Well, she did, and you can see some clips here and here. Thank me later (for ruining your day).

Speaking of former GNR members, Steve Adler was on some show talking about some of his other shows or something. I honestly didn’t pay attention, just watch the clip here and figure it yourself. I’m not your fucking father.

Dream Theater‘s John Petrucci claims he loves Mike Portnoy. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty open-minded and I hope they can finally get married someday. They have the same rights as us.

Rwake have a new album due in September. Is everyone releasing albums this September? Jeez. Anyway, the artwork can be seen here if you: 1. know who this band is and 2. care enough.

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