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Tool guitarist joins the WWE

Tool, the “genius” band that take over five years after each album to rewrite the same album again and release it under a different name, allegedly may be working on a new album. They’re probably hard at work thinking of new and creative ways to rehash the same music.

During the long wait, Tool guitarist Adam Jones has joined the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) for Summerslam. Well, I don’t mean he actually joined the WWE as a wrestler. Not that he didn’t want to or anything, it’s just Adam Jones isn’t an interesting enough name to be a wrestler. You have to have ultra mature names such as “Stone Cold” or “Miss Hancock” to make it big. So, instead Adam took the stage to perform a rendition of the U.S.A. national anthem.

You can watch a video of the performance above, unless you’re straight and above the age of 13, in which case you’ll have no interest in Wrestling.

[Source: Blabbermouth/Metal Injection]


Tuesday Trivia: The most listened to metal band ever


First of all, iPods don’t have any commercials with metalheads, so blame Apple, not me. Anyway, in his Weak Recap a few weeks back, Guido joked stated that we are super-awesome. Something like the super-heroes of metal. And no, not that Kiss movie… Lulz.

He was right, though — we’re all-knowing, and tonight only, I’m dropping knowledge and revealing the metal’s best kept secret – which metal band is the most played one ever. Hurry, make the jump.


Friday Top 10: Heavy metal soap operas, part 2

What, you thought last Friday’s Top 10 was the only one? Ha, you wish! Just like a proper soap, we’re popping out endless sequels. Well, maybe not endless, because I plan to wrap it up with this one, but who knows when this topic will come back from the dead.

Make the jump and read ten more never-ending and/or soapy and/or embarrassing stories from the world of metal.


Dose Of Overrated

Ever purchased an album because either your buddy, an editor from your favorite metal magazine or a few random people on a message board raved about it being so awesome, yet that certain album didn’t click with you as you imagined? Of course!  I think that has happened to all of us.  Well, here are 7 albums that fit that description perfectly, in my humble opinion.  Why 7?  Why not a top 10 list you ask?  Because today is not Friday, you silly goose.

Make the jump for the 7 most overrated albums of the 2000s.


Big Day Out Lineup

Tool, Rammstein, Deftones and Wolfmother are among the artists that have been confirmed for the 2011 Big Day Out festival tour of Australia and New Zealand.

We took the liberty of arranging an unofficial poster for the event. The whole lineup (as of right now) after the kangaroo jump (haha, get it? I crack myself up)

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