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Tarja Turunen performed somewhere in Lithuania

Tarja Turunen, former Nightwish singer, performed live in Lithuania and someone taped the thing, it made it to Blabbermouth and I’m now posting it here.

Why? Because I’m scared what could happen if I didn’t. I’m also scared of making fun of her. I mean, just look at her. She looks like she’s twice as tall as me. No, seriously, I get a strong dominatrix vibe, I can’t even imagine all the kinky stuff that goes on in her bedroom. She probably makes use of her “vibrato” on the men a lot.

Now, before she finds me and kicks the living shit out of me (which isn’t an achievement really, so the joke’s on you Tarja), I’ll stop. There’s a video for Nemo above and you can play it if you want, I posted it because it’s like the only Nightwish song I know. You can also read a full article with proper words and shit on Blabbermouth.


The one where we got fed up with Christmas…

Paul Di'Anno

I don’t know about you, but all this Christmas “jolly-we’re-full-of-love-this-time-of-year” started to get to me. I needed some good old metal drama to balance things out.

Luckily, metal never stops being metal, not even on Christmas. So, what do we have to report? Paul Di’Anno (whose fashion idol is Fred Durst, obviously) wants to punch anyone who trash-talks Iron Maiden in their face. We think he’s too busy punching himself right now. Meanwhile, MisfitsJerry Only (full name: Jerry Only wish I knew who) was too busy calling out Glenn Danzig’s satanic image. I guess kids aren’t as rebellious as they used to be, and he’s got albums to sell. Expect a Misfits Christmas album next year. And, speaking of nobodies living on old fame, Tarja Turunen had some live shows. Oh how I wish to be famous again… That’s all. Expect more drama now that the holidays are approaching the end.


Tarja likes Christmas

Remember the original singer from Nightwish? Her name was Tarja Turunen. She was with Nightwish from 1996-2005. Nightwish actually did well in sales for a symphonic power metal band. The rest of the guys in the band didn’t care, instead fired her because she was a huge bitch. Since her departure from Nightwish, Tarja released two albums. Is her solo material any good? Does she play to more than 500 people a night? I have no idea.

I do know that she’s back touring. It’s not just any tour, it’s going to be a special Christmas tour. Tarja plans to perform in churches across Finland. She’s also bringing out a bunch of Finnish musicians who I have never heard of before.

Do you actually wanna go to this? Check out her official page to score tickets.

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