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5 albums to rock your weekend

Picture this: It’s a Saturday night, you’re all alone eating cold pizza, watching crappy television. Everyone else is out having a good night, and you’re home alone crying and using the tears as lubricant to masturbate with. Life couldn’t get any worse, right?

Wrong, you could be me. The picture above is of what is commonly known as a ‘female’. I’ve heard of them before, although I have yet to see or speak to one. But enough about that. If you’ve got nothing to do on this Saturday evening, why not join me as I list five perfect Metal albums that should brighten up your day.

So what are you waiting for? Make the jump in front of a car. I know I will soon.


Weekly Dose of Metal: Sylosis

This week’s Dose of Metal is from the UK’s Thrash Metal act, Sylosis. Some of you with a good memory will remember I reviewed the band’s second album Edge of the Earth a couple of months ago, and I really enjoyed it.

The Weekly Dose of Metal this week is the song ‘After Lifeless Years’ taken from the band’s first album, the 2008 Conclusion of an Age.  This features an older lineup of the band, prior to the leaving of vocalist Jamie Graham. You can check out this awesome slab of Metal below.


Review: Sylosis – Edge of the Earth

If you’re not too down with the kids, and the modern Metal scene, you may be forgiven for not knowing who Sylosis are. My first awareness of the band, came when I went to see As I Lay Dying. Sylosis were supporting, and although I thought they were fairly good, I did slightly disregard them as another mediocre modern Metalcore-y type band. My initial perceptions were a bit ignorant, as the band actually resemble something closer to Thrash Metal than Metalcore. There are no breakdowns, no continuous alternations between hardcore vocals and clean sung chorus’s. Musically the band are very thrashy, but the vocals are much more aggressive and harsh than those usually used in that form of Metal.

Released about a month ago, Edge of the Earth is Sylosis‘ second album. I was impressed with their new single, and now it’s time for me to review the album. Will it prove to be a modern classic, or just another mediocre attempt and re-energizing the Thrash genre, with a generic modern twist? Find out after the jump.


Sylosis release Empyreal video

Everyone, stop what ever the hell you are doing right now, there is something that desperately requires your attention! Some band you’ve probably never heard of (I’ve heard of them though, because I’m awesome like that), Sylosis, have just released a new video for a track called Empyreal. Is it any good? I don’t know, I couldn’t be bothered to stop playing Iron Maiden for 5 minutes to check it out. Just kidding, I did check it out, and it sounds pretty good. A little too Metalcore-y for my tastes, but perhaps it will suit some of your palettes.

Now I could spend another 5 minutes typing all the information on Sylosis and their new video, or I could go back to watching my porn listening to Iron Maiden. Guess which option I chose? Head over to Blabbermouth for more information, if you’re interested.


Live Review: As I Lay Dying, Wolverhampton (UK) 27-11-10

Another week and I’m back from another gig. This time, it was a bit of a scene fest (unfortunately), with four Metalcore (ish) bands on the bill, at Wulfrun Hall. As I Lay Dying were headlining, with support coming from Sylosis, Heaven Shall Burn, and Suicide Silence. I’m knackered, but you know I love you guys, so I’m going to give you a review of the gig.

Read more after the jump.

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