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Dose of Black

In keeping with the ‘Today is kind of black‘-theme the internet is doing today, I thought I’d share my favorite Black Metal song with you.

I’ve written about it before, but today seems to be a fitting day to share it once more. ‘End Of Life,’ by Strid, is an 11-minute, utterly depressive Black Metal song. One of the more prominent riffs of the song was “copied” by the notorious (no, not B.I.G.), German Black Metal act Nargaroth. Interestingly enough, Storm (a.k.a. Rot) of Strid committed suicide in the same year Nargaroth released ‘Black Metal ist Krieg,’ which included the “copied” riff. Coincidence?

Now, in further showing my support of the internet going black today, make the jump to stare at a black picture.

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