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Shocking: Aaron Lewis is a country music star

Aaron Lewis

Oh my god, how could this happen? It’s not like the last Staind album to have proper heavy music was released about ten years ago, nooo sir. And it’s not like each new album after that sounded more and more acoustic and 3-doors-downier than the last.WHERE DID THIS COME FROM?

In case you’ve missed the sarcasm, Aaron Lewis‘ latest (and also very natural) step in his musical career was to record a country album. And apparently, he made the right choice, because he’s making money. And at the end of the day, that’s the only thing that matters, right? The cycle is complete.

P.S. Make the jump to see his video for “Country Boy,” named like that just so the people in Texas wouldn’t get confused as to whether this is a rock or a country album when they recognize Aaron‘s fat face.


A few interviews

Aaron Lewis (Staind)

Wouldn’t it be fun to read and see a shitload of interviews? Yes? It’s your lucky day:

Megadeth‘s drummer (too lazy to check for the name and you probably don’t care) checked into a drum clinic. So many sick drummers today. See what he talked about here.

Aaron Lewis of Staind is as fat as ever, and he’s promoting his new solo, country flavored album. Shoot me, then see the stuff here.

Airbourne also had a few minutes to speak for some Swedish web site. Click to see it.

Accept frontman Mark Tornillo talked about his “rock scene”. Video can be found here.

And finally, “made of metal” Rob Halford talked for The Governor’s Ball. You know the drill.


I actually bought this crap: Staind

More than ten years ago, Nu Metal was at the peak of its popularity.  Kids everywhere were wearing backwards baseball caps and baggy pants, and instead of just whinging about their parents like the emo kids of today, they were full on breaking stuff (see Woodstock 1999).

At some point during this peak in popularity, a band that actually differed greatly from their contemporaries in Nu-Metal, Staind, burst onto the scene.  Note, however, that by “different”, I do NOT mean in a good way.  In addition, apparently they weren’t different enough to not follow the trend of taking a word, spelling it wrong and using that as the name of their band.

Somehow, and I have no fucking idea how they managed to pull it off, Staind  tricked people into thinking they were a cutting edge Metal band.  Read on after the jump to see what I make of the band.

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