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Staind solo-lololo


Staind, the band Fred Durst listens to when he’s feeling emo, can’t write for shit. They have about 5 albums to prove my claim, and what’s even better, now they’re officially admitting it: They can’t write solos, and they’re letting other people do it for them. Haha.

Well, truth is, they’re having some competition where they’ll let fans write alternative solos for their song (with an ironically amazing title) Not Again. The winner of the competition will get Aaron Lewis’ NASCAR ornaments and a shotgun, while in return, Staind will receive another 5 albums worth of solos. That’s why we urge you, even if you’re just a shitty guitar player (therefore already above this band in terms of quality) and want to do it ‘for the lulz,’ simply don’t. In case you really want to give it a shot, you can find details here.


Staind helps you with karaoke

I like Staind as much as the next man, if the next man hates Staind. So imagine my lack of joy when I heard they have a lyrics video out. Oh boy, yet another YouTube video I need to avoid. I wish I lived in Germany and have most music videos blocked. (zing!)

So here’s a lyrics video so you can sing along and annoy your neighbors. The song is called… Wait, I have no idea what the song is. I don’t even care.

In other news, I have two red spots on my pubic area. STD or mosquito bites? You decide.


Staind go heavy (again) lulz

So in case you’ve been out of the loop (lucky you), Staind have announced they’re going back to their roots for the forthcoming album (i.e. going “heavy”), and the first (or second, third, fuck knows) song from that album has been released to the internet.

I guess the band are making the “progression” (or “regression”, which ever sounds cooler)  from doing the sappy ball-less rock ballads crap, to doing the ‘let’s be heavy again, because it’s what our fans want’ thing. Either one is laughable though. Either you get generic by numbers ballads or generic by numbers Nu-Metal, the end result still leaves my trousers staind with my disgust. And not in a good way.

The new song ‘Eyes Wide Open’ can be listened to below. The forthcoming self-titled album (don’t you know, that’s what all the cool bands do when they decide to regress) will be out September 13th.


There’s something wrong here…

And here I am again, writing for Dose of Metal, and instead of coming up with my own content, just stealing borrowing the latest news from Blabbermouth, when I stumble on something that really needs the DoM commentary.

So, Aaron Lewis of Staind (Aka the band that should have ceased to exist the second they formed) has been interviewed recently on Michigan’s WRIF 101.1 FM radio station. I’d report on this, but I haven’t actually listened to the interview, because I’m too busy watching porn and eating a shit load of burgers (the only thing I have in common with Aaron Lewis).

So what exactly wrong with the world now? Politics? Corruption? Global Warming? No my friends, something much worse than all those things, I’m afraid. I have just learned that Aaron Lewis’s solo album has entered the U.S. Billboard chart on March 9 at No. 7. Yes, you read that right, it’s not a typo, I said Number 7! Are you fucking kidding me? Either there’s a lot of people with terrible taste, or Aaron Lewis just bought a shit ton of albums. Either way, this news is truly sickening. Look, even the guy in the background of the picture above is laughing at Aaron.


Staind get in your face

Staind, the musical equivalent of the ‘Leave Britney Alone‘ video, promised fans a heavy and ‘in your face’ album.

Oh it’s heavy. It’s heavy said Aaron Lewis while lifting his gut. We are steering clear of any ideas that come out of us that might be of the more poppy or mellow nature, and we’re concentrating on this being a very in-your-face and heavy record.

Full interview here.

First of all, HAHAHAHA… Staind… Heavy? I’ve heard heavier song from Miley Cyrus…
Secondly… Staind album? What is this, 1999?

Make the jump to watch Aaron Lewis get ‘in your face’ with a country song.

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